Passport to the Universe


Genre : Science
Runtime : 00h20
First air date : April 02, 2005
Diffusion : Museums
Writers : Ann Druyan
Steven Soter

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Narrator


The breathtaking Passport to the Universe reveals the wonders of our universe in a way never before possible in a planetarium. No longer dependent on a single, multi-lens projector, the presentation is driven by computers and processors that treat the audiences to realistic close-up views of star fields and planets, taking them on an exhilarating flight through a virtual re-creation of our universe, into the Orion Nebula, out of our galaxy, and deep into intergalactic space. After reaching the edges of our known universe, the tour takes a "virtual shortcut" back to Earth — in a free fall, headlong through a black hole. Everything in Passport to the Universe is based on our latest knowledge of the universe. The Space Show offers an opportunity for Museum-goers to gain a better understanding of the cosmos through visualization and experience. The virtual universe contains data on our solar system from NASA and the European Space Agency, and a statistical database of more than two billion stars developed by the Museum.