Shooting War


Genres : History, War
Runtime : 01h28
First air date : December 07, 2000
Diffusion : Television (ABC)
Studio : DreamWorks Television
Director : Richard Schickel
Writer : Richard Schickel

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Narrator
Stephen Ambrose Himself
Russ Meyer Himself
Walter Rosenblum Himself
Joe Longo Himself
Doug Wood Himself
Arthur Mainzer Himself
Fred Bornet Himself
Daniel A. McGovern Himself
Dave Quaid Himself


From writer/producer/director Richard Schickel and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a remarkable film that takes a special look at the first war to be truly reported and recorded by one of the more unsung heroes of World War II: the combat photographer. Through the unflinching eye of their camera's lenses, these courageous soldiers continually risked their lives in their brave attempts to capture history. Shooting War is a compelling portrait of these men and women who have given us the iconic images that serve as the collective memories of last Great War.