Genre : History
First air date : October 02, 2011
Last air date : October 04, 2011
Diffusion : Television (PBS)
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Peter Coyote Narrator
Tom Hanks
Jeremy Irons
Paul Giamatti
Oliver Platt
John Lithgow
Samuel L. Jackson
Patricia Clarkson
Adam Arkin
Sam Waterston
Josh Lucas


Ken Burns and Lynn Novick directed a three-part, five-and-a-half-hour documentary film series called Prohibition that tells the story of the rise, rule, and fall of the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the entire era it encompassed.


Part Title Roles Details
1 A Nation of Drunkards Narrator More information
2 A Nation of Scofflaws Narrator More information
3 A Nation of Hypocrites Narrator More information