John Adams


Genres : Drama, Biography, History
First air date : March 16, 2008
Last end date : April 20, 2008
Channel : HBO
Shooting places : The United States, Hungary

Cast and characters

Paul Giamatti John Adams (7 episodes)
Laura Linney Abigail Adams (7 episodes)
John Dossett Benjamin Rush (6 episodes)
Stephen Dilane Thomas Jefferson (6 episodes)
Sarah Polley Nabby Adams (4 episodes)
Samuel Barnett Thomas Adams (4 episodes)
David Morse George Washington (4 episodes)
Andrew Scott Colonel William Smith (4 episodes)
Danny Huston Samuel Adams (3 episodes)
Ebon Moss-Bachrach John Quincy Adams (3 episodes)
Steve Hinkle Young John Quincy Adams (3 episodes)
Madeline Taylor Young Nabby Adams (3 episodes)
Mammie Gummer Sally Smith Adams (3 episodes)
Tom Wilkinson Benjamin Franklin (3 episodes)
Rufus Sewell Alexander Hamilton (2 episodes)


The 7-part miniseries depicts the life of John Adams and the first 50 years of the United States.


Part Title Roles Details
1 Join or Die Producer More information
2 Independence Producer More information
3 Don't Tread on Me Producer More information
4 Reunion Producer More information
5 Unite or Die Producer More information
6 Unnecessary War Producer More information
7 Peacefield Producer More information