You've Got Mail


Runtime : 02h00
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Release : December 18, 1998
Studio : Warner Bros.
Budget : $65,000,000
Domestic revenue : $115,821,495
Woldwide revenue : $250,821,495
Director : Nora Ephron
Writers : Nora Ephron (Screenplay)
Selia Ephron (Screenplay)
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Joe Fox
Meg Ryan Kathleen Kelly
Greg Kinnear Frank Navasky
Parker Posey Patricia Eden
Steve Zahn George Pappas
Jean Stapelton Birdie Conrad
Dave Chapelle Kevin Jackson
Dabney Coleman Nelson Fox
John Randolph Schuyler Fox
Hallee Hirsh Annabelle Fox
Jeffrey Scaperrotta Matt Fox
Katie Finneran Maureen, the Nanny


Kathleen Kelly, owner of a little and famous bookstore for children's books, has an affair. Being together with Frank Navasky, a well-known journalist, she betrays him by e-mailing secretly and anonymously with a (also betraying) man whom she met in a chat room. Suddenly, her business gets endangered by the opening of Fox Books discount store just "around the corner". She meets Joe Fox, son of the owner, and soon gets annoyed by his arrogant way of managing business matters. Although getting advice by her anonymous mail-pal, she has to close down her store. But Joe Fox's life suddenly gets out of control when he learns that his anonymous mail-pal is nobody other than Kathleen Kelly.