Runtime : 01h46
Genre : Comedy
Release : June 26, 1987
Studio : Universal Pictures
Domestic revenue : $57,387,516
Woldwide revenue : $66,673,516
Director : Tom Mankiewicz
Writers : Dan Aykroyd
Alan Zweibel
Tom Mankiewicz
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Dan Aykroyd Sergeant Joe Friday
Tom Hanks Pep Streebeck
Christopher Plummer Reverend Jonathan Whirley
Harry Morgan Captain Gannon
Alexandra Paul Connie Swail
Jack O'Halloran Emil Muzz
Elizabeth Ashley Jane Kirkpatrick
Dabney Coleman Jerry Caesar
Kathleen Freeman Enid Borden
Bruce Gray Mayor Parvin
Lenka Peterson Granny Mundy
Julia Jennings Sylvia Wiss
Lisa Aliff April
Joe Altmark Milkman


Sgt. Joe Friday is assigned to a smart-alecky, street-wise partner, Pep Streebeck, and they are charged to investigate a series of religious cult crimes in Los Angeles. The two cops follow the trail to a phony televangelist, the Reverend Jonathan Whirley. From there, they are only a step away from uncovering an Orange County-based religious cult calling itself P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness And Normalcy). After sneaking into a secret ceremony, Friday falls in love with the sacrificial virgin Connie Swail. So much so that even his superior Captain Bill Gannon orders him off the case, but Friday continues on.