The Money Pit


Runtime : 01h31
Genre : Comedy
Release : March 26, 1986
Studio : Universal Pictures
Domestic revenue : $54,999,651
Director : Richard Menjamin
Writer : David Giler
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Walter Fielding Jr.
Shelley Long Anna Crowley Beissart
Alexander Godunox Max Beissart
Maureen Stapleton Estelle
Joe Mantegna Art Shirk
Philip Bosco Curly
Josh Mostel Jack Schnittman
Yakox Smirnoff Shatov
Carmine Caridi Brad Shirk
Brian Backer Ethan
Billy Lombardo Benny
Mia Dillon Marika
John Van Dreelen Carlos
Douglass Watson Water Fielding Sr.
Lucille Dobrin Macumba Lady


Walter and Anna want a home of their own. When Walter's real estate agent friend offers him what looks like the perfect home, Anna and Walter buy it. The house has many problems; structural, plumbing, electrical... These problems only come to light after they've moved in. Hence, the house is a 'money pit'.