The Great Buck Howard


Runtime : 01h25
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release : March 20, 2009
Studio : Magnolia Pictures
Domestic revenue : $750,587
Woldwide revenue : $900,689
Director : Sean McGinly
Writer : Sean McGinly
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

John Malkovich Buck Howard
Colin Hanks Troy Gable
Griffin Dunne Jonathan Finerman
Patrick Fischler Michael Perry
Emily Blunt Valerie Brennan
Tom Hanks Troy's Father
Adam Scott Alan Berkman
Steve Zahn Kenny
Wallace Langham Dan Green


Troy Gable is a guy in his early Twenties who has dropped out of law school and is pondering his next move. Troy has an interest in working in the entertainment business, and when he learns that a "celebrity performer" is looking for a personal assistant, Troy thinks he's found the ideal entry-level position. Troy soon discovers he's landed a job as a glorified gofer for Buck Howard, a once-famous mentalist who appeared on The Tonight Show sixty-one times during Johnny Carson's reign as host. However, Howard hasn't been doing much lately, and he's hired Troy and new publicist Valerie as he grooms himself for a comeback. While Troy is fascinated with Howard's creaky but still effective act, his boss has enough personal quirks and absurd demands to give anyone second thoughts about working with him for long. One thing that keeps Troy on the road with Buck is Valerie, who wastes no time in showing her sexual interest in him; however, Valerie is also the only one who harbors no illusions about Howard's prospects for a return to fame, and she isn't afraid to tell him about it.