That Thing You Do!


Runtime : 02h29
Genres : Comedy, Drama
Release : October 04, 1996
Studio : Twentieth Century Fox
Domestic revenue : $25,857,416
Woldwide revenue : $34,585,416
Director : Tom Hanks
Writer : Tom Hanks
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Tom Everett Scott Guy Patterson
Liv Tyler Faye Dolan
Johnathon Schaech Jimmy Mattingly
Steve Zahn Lenny Haise
Ethan Embry T. B. Player
Tom Hanks Mr. White
Charlize Theron Tina
Obba Babatundé Lamarr
Giovanni Ribisi Chad
Chris Ellis Phil Horace
Alex Rocco Sol Siler
Bill Cobbs Del Paxton
Peter Scolari Troy Chesterfield
Rita Wilson Marguerite


It's the summer of 1964, and Guy Patterson is a salesman at his father's appliance store in Erie, Pennsylvania. By day, he sells toasters and transistor radios. But at night, he retreats to the basement, sits down at a set of drums, and disappears into a cloud of jazz percussion. In other words, he's ready to roll when a local rock band loses its drummer and asks him to sit in at a college talent show. One month later, The Wonders are shooting stars in the Play-Tone Records galaxy - with a recording contract, a state fair tour and a trip to Hollywood.