Lucky Guy


Genre : Biography
First performance : March 01, 2013
Last performance : June 16, 2013
Theater : Broadhurst Theater, New York City
Director : George C. Wolfe
Writer : Nora Ephron
Techniques : David Rockwell (Scenic design)
Toni-Leslie James (Costume)
Scott Lehre (Sound)
Jules Fisher (Lighting)
Peggy Eisenhauer (Lighting)

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Mike McAlary (columnist)
Peter Scolari Michael Daly (columnist)
Christopher McDonald Eddie Hayes (lawyer)
Peter Gerety John Cotter (editor)
Michael Gaston Jim Dwyer
Dustyn Gulledge Dino Tortoricci
Deirdre Lovejoy Louise Imerman/Debbie Krenek
Danny Mastrogiorgio Bob Drury
Richard Masur Jerry Nachman/Stanley Joyce
Stephen Tyrone Williams Abner Louima
Maura Tierney Alice (McAlary's wife)
Courtney B. Vance Hap Hairston (McAlary's editor)


Lucky Guy is the stage biography of Mike McAlary, a gutsy New York City newspaper columnist. McAlary, the city's one-time dominant tabloid reporter, got the first interview with Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant who was sodomized and beaten by white police officers at a station house in 1997. McAlary would win the Pulitzer Prize the next year but would die of cancer a few months later at age 41.