Two Gentlemen of Verona


Genre : Comedy
First performance : June 1978
Last performance : November 1987
Theater : Lakewood High School, Lakewood, OH
Director : Daniel Sullivan
Writer : William Shakespeare

Cast and characters

Tom Hanks Proteus


Proteus and Valentine, two young men from Verona, are the best of friends about to go their separate ways. Valentine is to leave Verona to serve the Duke of Milan. Proteus has chosen to remain at home to be with his true love Julia, to whom he has promised his eternal love and devotion. Proteus’ father, Antonio, has other ideas for his son and orders him to go to Milan to serve the Duke at his best friend Valentine’s side. The heart broken Proteus and Julia exchange promise rings as they part not knowing how long it will be until they are together again. Proteus is not the only man heart broken about being sent off to Milan against his will, as his hilarious servant Launce and his “sour” dog Crab are to go along with him.