Genre : Comedy
First air date : September 12, 1978
Last air date : June 15, 1983
Channel : ABC & NBC
Studio : Paramount Television
Shooting place : The United States

Cast and characters

Judd Hirsch Alex Reiger
Danny DeVito Louie De Palma
Marilu Henner Elaine O'Connor-Nardo
Tony Danza Tony Banta
J. Alan Thomas Jeff Bennett
Christopher Lloyd Reverend Jim Ignatowski
Andy Kaufman Lakta Gravas
Tom Hanks Gordon


Louie De Palma is a cantankerous, acerbic taxi dispatcher in New York City. He tries to maintain order over a collection of varied and strange characters who drive for him. As he bullies and insults them from the safety of his "cage," they form a special bond among themselves, becoming friends and supporting each other through the inevitable trials and tribulations of life.


Season Episode Title Roles Details
4 23 The Road Not Taken: Part 1 Actor More information