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Alex, California

14 Mars 2012

A savoir la réalisation d'un documentaire de 44mn par Cédric Brelet Von Sydow sur le dvd blu-ray d "extremely loud and incredibly close" "dialogues with the renter" une lettre d'amour d'un fils à son père au travers le tournage du film de Stephen Daldry.

Priscilla, France

18 Juin 2011

Je viens de découvrir votre site et tenais à vous dire un grand "BRAVO" !!! Enfin un site complet et français sur TOM HANKS !!! Vraiment FELICITATION pour ce magnifique site qui fait désormais partis de mes favoris !!!

Jennyalice, France

09 Juin 2011

Très beau site. J'aime beaucoup de design.

Candie, Ohio

19 Juillet 2010

A friend of mine shared this a few minutes ago, and I thought you might think it was cute.

My son is helping me sort laundry and as he picks up an article of clothinghe says ...

Jennie, Michigan

13 Juillet 2010


I am a fellow Tom Hanks fan and I wanted to let you know (if you don't already) about an amazing thing Tom has recently done for you to include in your website. Tom donated his SIGNED used hybrid to be auctioned off for charity. The proceeds will benefit the Welcome Back Veterans foundation that will help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I found some links that I am including so that you can check it out. Definitely wanted to make sure that the viewers of your website get a chance to learn more about his donation and even possibly bid on it! Let me know if you have any questions! The auction closes July 19th, I think! (information) (video of tom showing the car)

Thanks so much.


Kenneth Makubuya, Uganda

05 Juin 2010

I am realy interested in Tom Hanks movies and I still needs to learn more about him.

Sharon, Troy, NY

16 Septembre 2009

I like your website. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor. Your pics of him were great.

Nadia, Monterrey, Mexico

09 Juillet 2009

Hi!! What a nice fanpage you create it of Tom!! I love it!! Well I'm just wanna to say that am using some images from your gallery to edit them and upload on my fotolog page,only for you to know, I hope that is ok to do that and there be no problem. I give you the link if you want to come and see it :

Another thing, I would like to help, anything, I will try it. Im from Mexico if that helps, well my english writing is not so good, I hope you understand my hook or words..thanks girls!!!

Rachel, Ireland

06 Décembre 2008

Ahh it's a brilliant site. I love it! Everything about Tom all in one place, pics, videos etc, you have done a wonderful job

Kylie, Germany

02 Décembre 2008

I am a big Tom Hanks fan since ever, so I am very happy that you made this great site with all that information. Thank you and go on!!
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