Tom Hanks on D-Day and the 'Band of Brothers'

June 06, 2001 - CNN

Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks is telling the story of one Army unit's journey from D-Day to the end of the war in the upcoming HBO documentary series "Band of Brothers," based on a book by historian Stephen Ambrose. Tom Hanks joined CNN's Carol Carol Lin from Utah Beach...

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Personal and Profound

January 18, 2001 - Urban Cinefil

Cast Away is Tom Hanks’ most personal film to date, he tells Jenny Cooney Carrillo; but had he made it earlier, it would have been a less profound film, possibly with Elle MacPherson arriving on the deserted island to do a swimsuit shoot. Tom Hanks is not afraid of a challenge. This...

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Interview with Tom Hanks

January 12, 2001 - The Guardian

It's 10.30am and Tom Hanks is feeling jiggy. "I think I'm on my ninth coffee of the day," he says. "So I'm a little ... jiggy." Jiggy? There's a brisk, emphatic nod. "Yeah, you know. Jiggy. The way you feel when you're on your ninth coffee of the day....

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