Interview about The Polar Express

December 01, 2004 - BBC

In 1984 Tom Hanks emerged as a likeable light comedy leading man in Splash and the shamefully hilarious Bachelor Party. Who would have thought in the two decades since he would've developed into Hollywood's most dependable leading man and a double Oscar winner to boot? The 48-year-old...

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Tom Hanks Greet Moviegoers At 'Polar Express' Premiere

November 08, 2004 - MTV

HOLLYWOOD — The famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre was transformed into a winter wonderland on Sunday for the premiere of "The Polar Express." Organizers pulled out all the stops for the lavish pre-screening party, where guests were greeted by carolers, a mini "Polar...

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Tom Hanks Drives The Polar Express

November 02, 2004 - MovieWeb

Tom Hanks is used to making family films, including the G-rated Toy Story series. His latest, The Polar Express is another G-rated family film, but for the press, he joked about trying to pull a hard R. “I kept trying to say as the hobo, ‘What the f*ck are you doing...

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Tom Hanks - The Polar Express

October 26, 2004 - Move Hole

Tom Hanks has long been fascinated as much with new technology as acting, or at least marrying the two. Dressed in a black suit and in a typically jovial mood when meeting the press in a New York hotel, Hanks fell in love with the classic Xmas story of "The Polar Express" when he first...

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Up Close With Tom Hanks

September 08, 2004 - The Daily Telegraph

Not so long ago, Tom Hanks made the following inventory of himself: “I’ve got kind of a bizarre body, a big ass, and fat thighs. I’ve got a goofy-looking nose, ears that hang down, eyes that look like I’m part Chinese and are a funny colour. I’ve got really small...

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June 18, 2004 - Entertainment Weekly

A Q&A with "Terminal" star Tom Hanks -- The actor, a favorite with both Oscar and America, talks about his new movie and his future (sorry -- it doesn't include politics) Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is heading down the Oscar-bait campaign trail once again as...

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Tom Hanks - Lone Star

June 12, 2004 - The Times

If Tom Hanks had listened to his dad, he would have a steady job by now. Like many fathers, Amos Hanks often lectured his son, trying to help him to navigate the tricky adult waters that lay ahead. There was one time, for instance, when Hanks Sr urged his son to get on down to the local...

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