For Tom Hanks, Just Another Day at the Office

July 30, 2006 - Collider

Seemingly every Hollywood studio and production company coveted “Mamma Mia!,” the international musical that had been planting Abba’s infectious songs inside theatergoers’ craniums since 1999. But Judy Craymer, the musical’s global producer, had rebuffed all...

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Hanks Becomes 1st Actor Inducted into Ranger Hall of Fame

July 01, 2006 - ABC7

FORT BENNING, Ga., June 30, 2006 -- Tom Hanks has been inducted into the U.S. Army's Ranger Hall of Fame as an honorary member, the first actor to receive such an honor. Hanks, 49, was unable to attend Thursday's induction ceremony. He was cited for his role in "Saving Private...

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Tom, Dan and Da Vinci

May 19, 2006 - The Daily Telegraph

Tom Hanks speaks about the high-octane film, based on the controversial book What is so fascinating about the novel of the century? Well, I was fascinated by the realistic pace that Dan Brown kept up. The book really just tears through and it’s really such a page-turner. The...

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The code that’s set to break records

May 07, 2006 - The Daily Telegraph

After as many twists and turns as in The Da Vinci Code itself, Ron Howard’s adaptation of the worldwide bestseller hits cinema screens this month. The director talks to John Hiscock. It must be the nearest thing to a sure-fire hit that has ever come out of Hollywood. After filming on...

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The Man Who Aged Me

April 27, 2006 - The New York Times

The cake wasn't for me; I'd already celebrated in July, when the English and French crew sang "Happy Birthday" to me in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre. Rather, in what must have been a divinely timed coincidence, I wrapped "The Da Vinci Code" on the same day Dan...

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