Life According to Tom Hanks

October 2009 - Cleveland Magazine

Talking to Tom Hanks is just like you think it would be. He is on from the start, telling stories and lapsing into that wheezy laugh of his that reminds you more of a boy than a box-office icon. You’ve seen his movies — everyone has — you know what we mean. It’s not just...

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Tom Hanks at the Hanna' benefits GLTF

August 31, 2009 - Cleveland Live

Cleveland, Ohio -- Cleveland, a city perennially desperate for something to cheer about, can now let loose three hip-hip-hoorays, for Great Lakes Theater Festival, PlayhouseSquare and Tom Hanks. The world's most bankable movie star will return to his Buckeye roots on Monday, Oct. 12, to...

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Tom Hanks and Ron Howard: Space geeks

June 20, 2009 - NewScientist N°2713

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard have long promoted what Hanks calls the "foolhardy yet divine voyage" to Earth's nearest neighbour. Their enthusiasm for the Apollo moon programme has led to their involvement in many moon-related productions, including Apollo 13 and their HBO mini-series...

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"I don't know about Ash but Omi is great"

May 27, 2009 - SantaBanta.Com

Your latest film Angels & Demons has got itself into a bit of a budge with the Vatican. How much of the raised eyebrows are according to you, justifiable? Well you see….it’s really detrimental for such things to happen. I sympathize with those who have been entitling to Angels...

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How Tom Hanks deals with the angels & demons in his life

May 10, 2009 - Philstar

TOKYO —Hardly showing any sign of jetlag after a 12-hour-plus long haul from the US, Tom Hanks sat for the following exclusive Conversation with the same cool composure with which he tackles an enviable menagerie of roles that have made him perhaps Hollywood’s most versatile actor...

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Decoding Tom Hanks

May 07, 2009 - Business Mirror

NOT only does he have a slew of blockbuster hits to his name (Big, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Apollo 13, to name a few), but Tom Hanks also has bragging rights to five Oscar Best Actor nominations—thus far—with two wins (for 1994’s Philadelphia and...

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Hanks lends voice, expertise to WWII museum doc

May 06, 2009 - Entertainment Daily

LOS ANGELES — Tom Hanks is still on a mission when it comes to World War II. The star of “Saving Private Ryan” is serving as narrator and adviser for a documentary production as the National World War II Museum in New Orleans prepares to open new attractions amid a $300...

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Tom Hanks confesses all

May 04, 2009 - Times of India

How do you counter comments on the Internet that say: “It’s sad that a great actor like Tom Hanks has become a pawn of Satan and is aiding the cover-up of the existence of the Illuminati today and is a part of Dan Brown’s fraud”? Thanks for saying that I’m a great...

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"Indian fans will enjoy Angels & Demons"

May 03, 2009 - Hindu

New Delhi (IANS): Hollywood star Tom Hanks has promised his fans in India that his controversial "Angels & Demons" will live up to their expectations as they have a "soulful liking for thrillers". He also says he would love to come to India to "be among the most...

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Tom Hanks says 'Angels' doesn’t deserve to be 'demon'-ized

May 02, 2009 - NY Daily News

Tom Hanks will star in 'Angels and Demons.' Tom Hanks wants the Vatican to know he hasn’t sinned. Rome has already criticized “Angels & Demons,” in which Hanks stars, even though it doesn’t open until May 15. “People will see there’s...

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