Big Stars Invade Big Easy For WWII Film, Museum

November 05, 2009

NEW ORLEANS -- Big stars were the Big Easy Thursday night to help mark the expansion of the National World War II Museum, and many had the chance to see a film that will be a major attraction at the new Solomon Victory Theatre.

Tom Hanks is producing the film, and he told WDSU's Gina Swanson why "Beyond All Boundaries" is more than just a film -- it's an experience.

Limos rolled up and the red carpet rolled out for a grand celebration in tribute to the greatest generation.

"(It's) in tribute to my grandfather, who fought in WWII, to my great uncle who stormed the beaches of Normandy," said actress Patricia Clarkson. "It's a beautiful time."

"This is the greatest generation that won the war that changed the world, and we have the museum of the United States, of the world, to celebrate in our city with a $300 million expansion," said Jackie Clarkson, of the New Orleans City Council. "This is phenomenal."

Part of the expansion project includes a film that puts moviegoers on the front lines of battle.

Hanks, the film's producer and narrator, said he wanted it to be more than a film that people could look at -- he wanted it to be one they could feel. He said that though this is in tribute to a time gone by, people could still learn a lesson from it in current times.

"We have the power, I think as exampled as demonstrated by 'Beyond All Boundaries,' to make a huge difference in our country, as an entire generation did back in 1942," Hanks said.

Thursday night was a patron party at the theatre. The theatre, along with the Stage Door Canteen and the American Sector Restaurant, open to the public on Friday.

Thousands are expected to attend the WWII Museum activities on Friday, including hundreds of WWII veterans. WDSU will have complete coverage of the big event.

Source : WDSU