Set Visit: We head back to school with Tom Hanks for Larry Crowne

May 09, 2011 - HitFix

I love Tom Hanks as a director. L O V E, love. I have mad affection for "That Thing You Do," and I have been eager to see him get back in the director's chair for a while now. In June of 2010, I got the call to a join a group of other writers on the set of "Larry...

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Larry Crowne Set Visit : Part I

May 09, 2011 -

Hollywood, it should come as no surprise, is a town built on artifice. No matter the quality of the story or the message at the heart of a film, movie making is still a business and even at its very best, there's a constant reminder that these things often are built out of powerful egos and...

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Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks' Oprah Show Farewell

May 06, 2011 -

Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks have been friends of The Oprah Show for so long, they're practically family. "Whenever they're here, it's always a rip-roaring, laugh-out-loud good time," Oprah says. Julia made her first appearance back in 1989, when she sat...

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'Oprah' Recap: Her Last Visit with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks

May 06, 2011 - Yahoo

Today on "Oprah" it was time to have the final visit with longtime friends and frequent guest, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. We've seen them both on the show together and apart over the last 25 years, so it's always a fun show when they stop by the Harpo studios. The show...

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Tom Hanks Says His College Years Inspired 'Larry Crowne'

April 29, 2011 - MTV

'I was in junior college because it was my only option,' actor tells MTV News. The first time Tom Hanks stepped behind the camera on a big-screen production, he captured a story set in the early 1960s, a period he had lived through as a preteen. But the particulars of "That...

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Larry Crowne to screen at closing night gala of ScreenSingapore

April 12, 2011 - Screen Daily

Larry Crowne, directed by and starring Tom Hanks, will screen at the closing night gala of ScreenSingapore on June 11. Hanks will attend the screening of the film, which marks its Asia Pacific premiere, at the recently refurbished Lido Theatre, operated by Shaw Organisation. Also...

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Tom Hanks Upstages Elton John on 'SNL'

April 03, 2011 - Courant Blog

It was the first time Elton John had been on "Saturday Night Live" since 1982. But he was just a musical guest then and now he was a host -- and musical guest too, bringing out the artist he's been performing and recording with, Leon Russell. Just as he was assisted by Russell...

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Tom Hanks brilliantly assists Elton John in a Brit-skewering outing

April 03, 2011 - ZAP2it

Elton John made his first appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in nearly 30 years, providing both hosting and musical guest duties for the April 2 episode. And, though he did a bang-up job, he wasn't half as good as surprise guest Tom Hanks, who showed up in the night's best...

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Elton John rocks with Tom Hanks’ help

April 03, 2011 - Orlando Sentinel

Sir Elton John was determined to have a party hosting “Saturday Night Live.”“I do lots of stuffy award shows and charity concerts, and tonight I just want to have fun,” the singer said in his opening monologue last night. He succeeded in one of the season’s...

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International Tom Hanks day grows from joke to global event

March 25, 2011 - Chicago Sun-Times

Some people are content to sit on a park bench and watch the world go by. Kevin Turk is not that kind of guy. He came up with the idea for International Tom Hanks Day, which celebrates the actor, his passions and his causes. The event, which has grown to global proportions, even has its...

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