Southeast Asia has "massive" potential, says Tom Hanks

June 11, 2011

SINGAPORE: The actor fondly remembered for his portrayal of the lovable "Forrest Gump" is bringing his boyish charms to the screen again in "Larry Crowne". Tom Hanks not only takes on the title role, he is also behind the camera as a writer and director.

While in town for promotions, he talked about the big potential for Asian film-makers.

He said: "Because the technology is such that you can see any movie you want to. The natural inclination is to find stuff that's more and more removed from your standard knowledge. And I think that means there's going to be many more fans of Asian films in the United States."

While Asian films are still not quite there in terms of stature, the industry veteran said it is going to take some time for other cultures to get used to a different way of Asian storytelling.

"The films have a different sort of narrative that we are used to. It's not just a standard antagonist-protagonist structure, or even a three-act structure. When you have movies like (Hindi movie) Three Idiots or (Japanese movie) 13 Assassins or any number of the other things, or coming out from the wide palate of Asians, they just tell the story differently," said Hanks.

Although it was his first time in this part of the world, Tom Hanks singled out Southeast Asia for what he called its "undiscovered and massive" potential. He said it was a matter of time before global audiences become more receptive, once they are familiar with the storytelling process.

By Sabrina Chan

Source : Channel News Asia