Tom Hanks on what makes the Tom and Julia Roberts team click

June 25, 2011

Some more from my interview (full newspaper version of the story here) with Tom Hanks re: his new film, “Larry Crowne.” Playing a man who loses his job and goes to community college to find a way to reinvent himself, it pairs up Hanks with Julia Roberts again. She plays a college teacher who both challenges Larry and is challenged by him.

“We’ve known each other for about ten years, just by being a part of the same celebrity mule train thing where you’re off at a party or premiere. You’re all dressed up and you run into each other on the way to the restroom.

“When we did ‘Charlie Wilson’s War,’ we ended up having that kind of work bond that you look for. That’s incredibly important to us. But there are other things that take precedence over making a movie. And we have that in common, too. She’s raising three kids, and I’m done with my child-rearing years but I’m still very much involved with my family. Whereas, making movies can seem very important when you’re making them and you’ve got to do due diligence along with it, we see to agree that there are other things in this world, Horatio, that deserve our attention. She has her priorities very much in the right place, and I like to assume that I do, too, though that’s not for me to say.

“But working with her, you know, raises your game. You have to. I sure do.”

By Otownrog

Source : Orlando Sentinel