Tom Hanks Refunds 'Larry Crowne' Tickets Price to Unsatisfied Fans

August 08, 2011

Tom Hanks has proven to be a great guy all around. Recently, Hanks even refunded the price of movie tickets to unsatisfied fans that saw his latest film, Larry Crowne. Needless to say, that movie was not one of Tom's crowning successes.

Hanks was filling up his car at a gas station near his home when a couple recognized him. The woman shockingly said, "Ohmigod, you're Tom Hanks! We just saw your movie, 'Larry Crowne,' last night!"

The flattered actor then asked the couple whether or not they enjoyed the movie. The woman's husband stated frankly, "Well, not that much. In fact, it wasn't very good."

The woman tried to ease the harshness of her husband's words by saying, "Actually, it wasn't that bad, we were just expecting it to be a lot better."

Hanks, no longer flattered, responded with, "Gee, I'm really sorry you were disappointed. How about letting me refund your ticket money?"

The award-winning actor then took out $25 and handed it to the flabbergasted couple. Obviously, Tom Hanks is a rarity in the entertainment business. He seems to truly care about his work and about his fans. It is the fans who pay to watch the movies. Just before driving off, Hanks stated, "We'll do a better job next time!"

By Evalynn J. Saeyang

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