Tom Hanks Says U.S. Obligated to Care for Vets and Service Members

December 05, 2012 - ABC News

War and the U.S. military were staples in Tom Hanks' life long before he starred in "Saving Private Ryan" 14 years ago. The actor grew up in Alameda, Calif., where the Naval Air Station is located. Almost all of his friends had fathers serving overseas in the Air Force so...

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Tom Hanks Reveals the Pressures of Playing Disney: "I Don't Want to Piss Anybody Off!"

November 14, 2012 - E! Online

One of Hollywood's most beloved actors, Tom Hanks, playing one of the world's most beloved legends, Walt Disney? Seems like Saving Mr. Banks should be the perfect fit! But that doesn't mean there isn't a certain amount of pressure in taking on the man who created Mickey...

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'Cloud Atlas' is cinematic literature: Tom Hanks

October 28, 2012 - Yahoo! India

New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) Hollywood's versatile actor Tom Hanks, who plays six different characters in "Cloud Altas", terms the film "cinematic literature". He also admits that making the transition from one character to another was a challenge for him. The story of...

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'Cloud Atlas': Hanks and Berry to the 6th degree

October 25, 2012 - USA Today

TORONTO -- Somehow, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry have never crossed paths on screen. "Although we have talked to each other as if we had," he says. "When you go to the Golden Globes, you yell, 'Halle!' 'Tom!' We all pretend we know each other." They...

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The faces in 'Cloud': Who's who, and when

October 24, 2012 - USA Today

One of the pleasures of Cloud Atlasis watching Tom Hanks and Halle Berry being given the freedom to attempt roles that are the opposite of typecasting. They both spoke to USA TODAY's Susan Wloszczyna about the challenges of their multiple parts spread over six eras. 1849 
Setting: A...

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I believe that everything is connected: Tom Hanks

October 24, 2012 - DNA India

Oscar-winning Hollywood actor-filmmaker Tom Hanks is easily one of the most versatile stars. Ask about his biggest strength through all his ups and downs in the industry and he says, “I am a lay historian by nature. I seek out an empirical reflection of what truth is.” In an email...

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Tom Hanks and Halle Berry Talk Cloud Atlas, Moving Between Directors and Time Periods...

October 23, 2012 - Collider

From acclaimed filmmakers Andy & Lana Wachowski (The Matrix trilogy, Speed Racer) and Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) comes the stunning, epic and powerful Cloud Atlas, based on the best-selling novel by David Mitchell. Through various genres and time periods, spanning 500 years, and with the...

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Halle Berry and Tom Hanks on Playing Six Parts

October 22, 2012 - Movie Fanatic

Hanks and Berry sat down with Movie Fanatic at the Beverly Hilton recently and talked to us about the effort it took to bring David Mitchell’s epic bestselling novel to the big screen. Was there a character amongst your six that was more challenging than the others? Tom Hanks: I...

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Complex ‘Cloud Atlas’ a multi-role challenge for Hanks

October 22, 2012 - New York Times

The latest movie starring Tom Hanks, the incredibly ambitious Cloud Atlas, is a film that requires some explanation — and the 56-year-old actor happily obliges. “I think it’s as risky as Inception (2010),” he said recently. “You saw that one the first time and...

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Tom Hanks: Still exploring human behavior

October 21, 2012 - The Star Ledger

Tom Hanks has played a quietly heroic astronaut and a mentally disabled jogger, a shy lawyer dying of AIDS and a guy in love with a mermaid, a solitary castaway and a cowboy action figure. He has even played a crook or two. And yet he's almost always playing a man reaching toward the...

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