Tom Hanks Tells Me What People Do To Him On The Subway

May 08, 2013

The Broadway season was full of gender benders, half-naked hunks, one-person shtickfests, and tap-dancing children. Oh, and disgruntled superstars. When the Tony nominations were announced last week, a bunch of big names must have been terribly disturbed to find that the choosers didn't automatically go for marquee power and tabloid appeal.

That made Wednesday's Tony nominees meet-and-greet at the Millennium way less starry than it could have been, since Bette, Jessica, Scarlett, Alec, Alan, and Sigourney all got dissed to the curb. But I didn't care, since I worship all things Broadway and people like "that fabulous woman who played the Sandy Dennis role" are actually big names to me. Besides, Tom Hanks was rightfully honored for his work as complicated columnist Mike McAlary in Lucky Guy, and he's even bigger than Jersey Boys. I told Tom I was glad he came around in an ensemble piece, not a clichéd one-man show. He said director George C. Wolfe made it even more of an ensemble by adding a reporter character (played by Andrew Hovelson) to beef up the newsroom.

Of McAlary, Tom said, "There are some who truly adored him. And some people who thought he was overrated and lazy." All of which is true, of course. As for Broadway's adoration of this big movie star? "It's the coolest collection of people on the planet Earth," he gushed. "People on the subway say, 'Thanks for coming' "—he impersonated them, touching my sleeve. "But touching isn't good," I remarked. "They don't actually touch," Tom said, laughing. And then he and his publicist went off to track down a Variety reporter whom Tom hadn't given a complete answer to earlier. What a pro. And yes, he rides the subway!

By Michael Musto

Source : Village Voice