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Tom Hanks and Ron Howard discuss Angels & Demons as they guest on The View. Ayelet Zurer joins them later in the show.

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Rachel Isakowitz, July 11, 2011

Could not agree more with Joy Behar that Tom looked pretty as a woman on "Bosom Buddies."

Rachel Isakowitz, July 11, 2011

"It's like rampid anti-intellectualism right there" "Jamie Fox said, 'I want somebody that's spiffs and flows. I want somebody that's 'fly.' I want someone that's 'dope.' I want Ronny Howard.'" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Here's more detail on the lecture Ron Howard gave to Tom Hanks on "Splash" from the book Tom Hanks:actor-"Your job is not to go toe-to-toe with John Candy and get laughs. If you do that, this movie will stink. Your job is to love the girl. Just look at her and love her. If we don't believe this girl isn't magic to you, we don't have a movie."

Rachel Isakowitz, May 01, 2013

"[Angels and Demon] is the first sequel he agreed to do." What about "Toy Story 2"? Technically that's a SEQUEL to "Toy Story" and a film that (presumably) Tom Hanks agreed to do.