Larry Crowne (Internet Trailer)

This is an Internet-only trailer for Larry Crowne and it features George Takei.

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Danna , June 28, 2011

For my 38th birthday I took my grandmother to see Beyond all Boundaries the documentary in which you are the exec. Producer. After watching the film and discussing it with my grandmother we both came to realize that there were no mentioning of African American soldiers of war in the documentary. In my family alone my grandmother has 3 brothers who served to protect this county in this very war, World War II in which your documentary is based on. My great Uncle’s (who survived) along with so many other great Uncle’s, Grandfathers, Dads, sons, brothers ect. fought in this great war along side so many other great men but were failed to be mentioned not as individuals but as a people, African Americans! My grandmother’s first response was “Here it is 2010 and that nothing has changed.“ I was disappointed that your documentary was showing in an African American community, telling a story of a war that Af. Am. were a large part of in the 21st century and were totally left out of the documentary. Since then my view of your work is perceived in a different light. When I see you on Oprah or on commercials I realize that I have lost respect and admiration for you and your work.