Tom Hanks on Letterman and other interviews

October 08, 2013 - 1 comment

That's an event you never want to miss: Tom Hanks was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night to promote Captain Phillips which will hit theaters this friday. Based on all his previous appearances on the talk show, it's a well-known fact that Tom Hanks always gives an entertaining interview while chatting with David Letterman. He did it again last night! We've added the 23-minute interveiw in our video (it may take a while to load), as well as his appearance on the morning show Live with Kelly & Michael.


Tom Hanks also paid The Nerdist a second visit for another one-hour interview. He was also on NPR's Fresh Air with director Paul Greengrass. You can listen to both of these interviews in our audio clips.

Mark your calendar: Tom Hanks will be on The Colbert Report on October 9 (tomorrow, that is). The show airs on Comedy Central at 11:30pm / 10:30 Central.

Captain Phillips : B-Roll, extracts & press junket...

October 06, 2013 - 0 comment

We're less than a week away from the opening of Captain Phillips in North America. And it will open the 57th BFI London Film Festival on Wednesday. There's a lot of buzz around this movie and we can feel it.
We've added around thirty new videos featuring Tom Hanks, starting with a dozen interviews from the red carpet at the New York Film Festival. Since then, two more movie premieres of Captain Phillips took place that Tom Hanks attended. One was in Los Angeles on September 30 and the other was in Washington, DC on October 2. Interviews made at these premieres have also been added to our videos.


Tom Hanks also made several press junket sections with various medias like Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, CBS News or E! News. You can watch and download a dozen of them in the Interviews.


An exclusive sneak preview released by Sony Pictures aired during the series finale of Breaking Bad last Sunday. It's a thrilling 2-minute trailer for what could become Tom Hanks's most talked about movie and performance. We also added a 7-minute video that takes you behind-the-scene of the filming of Captain Phillips. You'll see that this was actually filmed at sea.


Sony Pictures released five clips from the movie. Four of them could almost follow each other to show the pirates's attack on the cargo ship until they take control. The last one show how Captain Phillips got tricked into remaining in the lifeboat.


New York Film Festival : videos, photos & reviews

September 28, 2013 - 0 comment

Captain Phillips opened the 51st New York Film Festival last night and even more reviews are now dropping on the Internet. We've added hem in our press archive.

"Hanks, meanwhile, is a revelation all over again, giving his best performance in at least a decade, possibly two. Simply put, Captain Phillips would not function without Hanks. Whether he’s doing basic captain duties, corralling his crew to ward off pirates, playing a duplicitous helper dropping subtle hints to his crew, or a frightened man carefully attempting to create dissent among the ranks of the pirates, Hanks is always convincing. The actor particularly excels in his line delivery, striking a difficult balance between gaining trust with some while simultaneously alienating others." -  Forrest Cardamenis, The Film Stage -

Most of these reviews praise the last five minutes of the movie and Tom Hanks's performance in that last scene saying it could well be "the most raw, emotional acting he's ever delivered on screen." During the post-screening press Q&A, Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass explained that this scene has been improvised on the spot from an intuition they both shared. Also, real crew members of the USS Bainbridge appear beside Tom Hanks in that scene, not actors. You can watch extracts from that Q&A in our videos, in which they explain how they shot this scene. We've also added a red carpet interview of Tom Hanks as well as two new TV spots that offer some new footage.


Photos of the Captain Phillips' premiere have been added ot our gallery.


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