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January 20, 2012


George, March 16, 2012

Tom's questionable political activitism has caused me to stop watching (going to) his movies. Here's the latest example of his dishonesty, quoted from an AP story: "OBAMA CAMPAIGN on the automakers' recovery: "With business booming, they repaid their loans." "THE FACTS: The General Motors and Chrysler aid has not been paid back in full, and it is unlikely to be, contrary to the film's narrator, actor Tom Hanks. "More than $1 billion of the $12.5 billion Chrysler bailout is not expected to come back to the government. The government has recouped more than $22 billion of its nearly $50 billion GM bailout after agreeing to take stock in return for most of its investment. But the government's remaining stock would have to rise massively in value for taxpayers to get all their money back. If the stock were sold at some recent values, taxpayers would still be out more than $10 billion." Goodbye, Tom.

DAN , March 18, 2012

Tom can spread lies to help support his candidate. It's a free country. I can choose to NEVER spend another dime on any movie with his name in the credits. It's a free country.