Governors Awards & David Letterman

November 16, 2009


Pattie Wilds Liddell, December 06, 2009

Dear Tom,I see you are making a movie of the WW2 in the Pacific.My Father George Riley Wilds Sr.Took the original message of surrender from the Japanese on the USS Levy(DE162)I have more memorabilia than the Naval library in Bethesda.My dad was a radio man 3rd class.He took the message and folded it put it in an envelope I found many years after his death.I am a member or The American Legion post 283.My dad started that too.Here in Jax Fl.I also had a newspaper in Panama City do an article on him.The last vet from WW2 in Jax.was at that time 96.I brought my book of extensive pictures and stories from just what went on there.As most Vets do not like to call themselves heroes.It is actually that one man who's story that could add a lot of noted and proved historical info that could help in your up coming movie.I can email you a copy of the surrender by Masanori Shign to H.D,Grow.I have some very clear great pix as well as the original document.the surrender took place as the USS Levy sat in the Milli Lagoon.When the ok was given.H.D.Grow was transferred by whale boat,+I have a picture of The Jap.signing the surrender over to us.And we have pix of raising the American Flag that the Jap took from Germany in 1914.Are you interested?email me back and I will find a way to get the pictures to you.Thank you Pattie Liddell