Extremely Loud… : making-of and featurette

June 23, 2012 - 0 comment

You can now watch the 20-minute official making-of for the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, directed by Stephen Daldry and starring Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock and Thomas Horn in our videos. We also added an 8-minute featurette about Thomas Horn as Oskar. You can click on each thumbnail to play the respective video.


The screencaptures of each documentary are also available in our gallery. Again, click on each thumbnail to access the respective album : Making-Of or Finding Oskar.


Six vintage videos : from 1981 to 2012

June 10, 2012 - 0 comment

Lately, there have not been lot of new information concerning Tom Hanks's projects so we've just added six vintage videos, from 1981 to 2012.
  • 1981 : the first video is an ABC promo for the October 8, 1981 season premiere of Bosom Buddies, the TV show that starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.
  • 1990 : a press junket interview made by The Insider for the movie Joe vs the volcano. Tom Hanks also talks about having his third children, the first one with Rita Wilson.
  • 1992 : this is a short video of Tom Hanks trying to film a commercial for NESN, directed by Jonathan Markella.
  • 1998 : Tom Hanks records a special message in honor of journalist Bobbie Wygant for her 50 years of service at KXAS.
  • 2002 : an interview about the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, starring Nia Vardalos, that he produced along with his wife Rita Wilson.
  • 2012 : Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson interviewed on the red carpet of the 2012 MusiCares Person Of The Year (Tribute To Paul McCartney) by Young Hollywood.

You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective video. 



E! Special Features Philadelphia : video

April 27, 2012 - 0 comment

We've added a new documentary to our videos : E! Special Features Philadelphia. It was posted by ‪OrangTelorTheatre‬ on Youtube.

This is a 20-minute documentary that includes extracts from the movie and interviews of Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, director Jonathan Demme and the producers of the movie. There's also some behind-the-scenes shots. And contrary to what the beginning of the video foreshadows, it is not in black in white.


Philadelphia was released in 1993 and soon became one of Tom Hanks's most famous movie pictures. It received five Oscar nominations, including Best Actor in a Leading Role that Tom Hanks won for the first time in his career. If you've never seen it, we'd like you to know that his acceptance speech is also available in our videos.

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