Vintage videos from 1989 & 1998

December 02, 2012 - 0 comment

We've added two vintage interviews made by Entertainment Tonight to our videos. The first one was made at the 61st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony back in 1989. Tom Hanks was nominated for his performance in Big.
The second video is an interview on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in 1998. Later that evening, Tom Hanks accepted the award for Outstanding Miniseries for From the Earth to the Moon. It would be the first of a long list of Outstanding Miniseries Emmy Awards… You can click on each thumbnail to access the respetive video.


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson : video

October 30, 2012 - 0 comment

Tom Hanks was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote his new movie Cloud Atlas last night. Once again, he gave a very entertaining interview. They briefly talked about the movie but they took time to discussed James Bond and British TV shows such as the original series Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey. And they seem to disagree quite a bit! You can watch the 18-minute interview in our videos.


Cloud Atlas : movie stills & videos

October 28, 2012 - 0 comment

Cloud Atlas was released in North America on October 26. We keep getting our hands on new videos and photos. We've added new movie stills and two official photos from the filming. You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective album in our gallery.


We've also added a certain number of videos : four TV spots, six new press junket interviews, two featurettes that take us behind-the-scene of the making of Cloud Atlas and the interview eXtra made on the red carpet at the premiere.


Did you get a chance to go see Cloud Atlas? What did you think?

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