Letterman & Charlie Rose : videos

May 15, 2009

We've eventually added the Letterman show to the talk shows videos : 20 minutes of pure entertainment !
Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Ayelet Zurer were also on Charlie Rose on May 13, 2009 to talk about Angels & Demons. You can also download the 50-minute interview in the video archives. And they're supposed to be on Larry King Live and The View tonight. Again, if one of you can capture the shows for us, we'd be very grateful. Meanwhile, enjoy those videos !



CLAUDIA, May 15, 2009

Thank You sooo much guys! :D

Jamie82, May 16, 2009

Oh, he was Charlie Rose too!
Damn, I missed him on that. lol.
I had to go to work right as he came on The View but I taped it and watched it back later and they cut off the last segment with Ayelet for a special report. So angry. lol

Jamie82, May 16, 2009

Wow, I was watching the Charlie Rose interview. Nice.

I love Tom's "1-800-SYMBOLS." lol