Angels & Demons world premiere

May 05, 2009

Yesterday night was the World premiere of Angels & Demons. Tom Hanks along with Ron Howard, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer and other members of the cast obviously attended it. The first critics of the movie are rather good compared to those on The Da Vinci Code. You can find photos of the event in the gallery.


We've also added three new videos, including two about the premiere, one from ET and another one from CNN. The last video is a five-minute interview made by Access Hollywood. You'll find those videos in the sections Documentaries and Premieres.


Some photos from the press conference have been added as well.


Note that you can watch the press conference in its entirety here, divided in 9 parts. Just choose Press Conference / Photocall, on the right. Tom Hanks was very funny, as always. He joked about the controversy surrounding the movie, adding to Ron Howard's answer from a journalist working for Fiat Press :

"The people at Fiat however view our film as an anti-Fiat film and are asking Fiat owners not to see Angels & Demons. And if we should offend any other owners of Fiat, we ask them simply not to see our film."