The Great Buck Howard : new clip

February 27, 2009

A new clip from the movie The Great Buck Howard has been revealed, and good for us, it's one of the few scenes starring Tom Hanks... and Colin, of course ! If you want, you can download it (and enjoy it) in HD on
Note also that the second still from the movie has been replaced by a HQ version of it in the gallery.

And during the press conference that same day, Tom Hanks affirmed that even if there will be a lot of action in the movie, there won't be hand-to-hand combat and that Langdon uses a gun only to break a window glass; we can guess it's the one from the Vatican Archives.


Mathew, February 27, 2009

Hi! I was wondering.. Where do yo take the angels and demons's information form? thankyou..

Virginie, February 27, 2009

I found that on a French website about cinema. You can find the link of the article on the French updates page.

louise, March 05, 2009

hey :)
you guys are still updating right? haha. i know there hasn't been much news lately but sleepless in seattle the musical!

and we definitely need you back on YouTube, tommyhanksfan24 :)
YT is boring without you and your amazing videos.

Virginie, March 05, 2009

Hey Louise,
yes we're still updating, don't worry. :)

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I've tried to upload the Actor's Studio videos as well as the AFI ceremony but the videos have been rejected...