Toy Story 3 & Larry Crowne

June 21, 2010

We start this update with a very good news : Toy Story 3 is a huge success at the box-office since it made $109 million on its opening weekend in the United Stated and just made an additional $44.8 million in 15 countries overseas. It was the best debut for a film from Disney's Pixar Animation, topping The Incredibles.

We've added to our video archives, six new videos about Toy Story 3 including four from the premiere and two interviews that you can find in the section Documentaries.


25 new photos of the premiere have been added to the gallery.


A few days ago, Tom Hanks tweeted a photo of Rita Wilson, his wife. You can find it, as well as all the others in our gallery. A detail in the photograph, in relation with another clue, suggests that she will have a small part opposite Tom Hanks in the movie Larry Crowne.
We've also added two photos, posted respectively by Rami Malek and Wilmer Valderrama on their Twitter. Both of them are actors on Larry Crowne. Wilmer Valderrama's photo is from his last day of shooting :

That's a picture wrap 4 Wilmer Valderrama on #LarryCrowne!! I just shot my last scene, thank you 2 my boss @TomHanks