Photoshoots & screencaps

February 10, 2009

77 photoshoots and various black & white and color photos have been added to the gallery, that is to say 461 pictures, from 1980s to 2009 !


We've also added 227 screencaptures from the bonus features of The Da Vinci Code. Enjoy !



Marlene Shapiro, February 14, 2009

Tom I would like to thank you for all the enjoyable pictures that you have been in. I have seen Gump at least 25 times and I always see something new each time . Also you are just great. You remind me of my Son Jeff. I am a big fan of yours and have been since you were on T.V. I am close to 70 and have always loved movies .you make me laugh most of the times and cry some of the time. I have been wanting to send you an email but just didn't know how. I am not very good emailing. I really hope you get this message. And thanks again for letting me live through your wonderful movies. Thanks Marlene. P.S. I hope you don't mind if I write again.