Exclusive images from Angels & Demons !

February 04, 2009

The Belgian television just revealed new and exclusive images from the movie Angels & Demons, including some comments from Tom Hanks, Ron Howard and Ewan McGregor. You can downlaod the video in the video archive, section Documentaries.

You can find the translation of what is said in the video below.

Cinema now with exclusive images from the follow-up of the Da Vinci Code, the adaptation of the Dan Brown's novel, a true success which calls for another one : the second part, called Angels & Demons.

Robert Langdon, eminent expert on the study of symbols, is contacted by the Vatican to avoid a terrorist attack led by the Illuminati.

Tom Hanks : I like this story because we talk about a period I like, Renaissance. In the first episode we mentionned Leonardo Da Vinci, here we evoke Galileo. This movie is a sort of giant Trivial Pursuit.

Since the Vatican didn't allow Ron Howard's team to shoot on its territory, the production recreated St Peter Square in California.

Ron Howard : There is so much said about the Illuminati. Some people believe it, some don't. That's what Dan Brown explored so wonderfully in his book. Some believe they're with us in secret today.

Considered as the follow-up of the Da Vinci CodeAngels & Demons is in fact the first adventure of Robert Langdon, a "prequel" in English. This is why Audrey Tautou is not part of the cast; a cast in which we find Ewan McGregor.

Ewan McGregor : The Illuminati are back. It's a sect of scientists persecuted by the Church.

Let's pray it is successful. The movie Angels & Demons will be released in Belgium, on May 13th.

Jamie82, February 04, 2009

Oh thanks for putting this up. More new scenes!! Great. Can't Wait.