New site : what's different ?

September 17, 2010

Tom Hanks Online underwent a complete makeover !

As you can notice, the design of the site has completely changed, but that’s not all. The major difference is actually invisible for the visitors, since most of the work consisted in making it easier for us, webmasters, to add content in the upcoming weeks and months... and there will be some new stuff added !
We’re already thinking about adding more information for the movies (trivia, soundtracks, links to the gallery and videos,...) and brand new sections with exclusive content.

The whole content of the previous version is available with this new design. We are working on integrating a brand new gallery and video archive to this new design but you can still access them. The links to those two parts will redirect you to the respective parts of the old site. We will keep updating them with new photos and videos until the new gallery and video archive are up and running.

You will find below details of what has been added and what has changed from the old version. We hope you’ll be able to browse the site without any problem and don’t hesitate to share your opinion on this new design and brand new site on which we’ve been working for months now.

A quick glance to the homepage is enough to see the latest news, the upcoming projects, Tom Hanks’s latest tweets and the current big event. You also have quick links to the gallery and the videos.

A category will now be applied to a news in order to facilitate you researches among older news. We have now more information on Tom Hanks’s upcoming projects, even those which are only rumors or are still in talks. In the calendar, you’ll see what are the big upcoming events and releases (movie theater, DVD & Blu-Ray). We’ll also add the important appearances like talk show interviews and broadcasts.

The section is now divided according to the type of project (movies, TV shows, miniseries, documentaries). Then you can sort by the role Tom Hanks has for those projects (actor, producer, director, writer, narrator). Information about documentaries are now available, as well as information about each episodes of miniseries and TV Shows, such as Bosom Buddies.

As explained before, the gallery and the videos are sill available but the links will redirect you to the older version of those two sections. We will keep adding photos and videos until the new gallery and video archive are up and running.

Two pages have been added : you will find information about the site and the reason that led us to create it on the page called About. Links to our Twitter, Facebook, MySpace et Youtube are listed on the Network page.

A forum has been available for more than a year, but it seems like only a few people knew about it. A direct link in the menu will now allow you to access it more easily. Don’t hesitate to come take a look at it and start talking with other fans.

To ensure an optimale visite of the website, we recommend using recent versions of Internet browsers which respect W3C norms, such as Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. The new version is still accessible using Internet Explorer. If you encounter any problem (broken link, error in the content or elsewhere), don’t hesitate to let us know using the contact form.


Frederik, September 17, 2010

The new layout looks fantastic! Keep up the good work! :-)

Iviiik, September 18, 2010

Awsome! Great job! I love that! :)

Carlos Chire, September 21, 2010

Soy tu hincha, You'r the best Tomk, from Peru. Carlos.