Toy Story 3, Larry Crowne & Beyond All Boundaries

June 08, 2010

Ten more days to wait before the US release of Toy Story 3 ! Tom Hanks and Tim Allen talked to Entertainment Tonight about the movie, and Tom Hanks also mentioned the wedding of his eldest son, Colin Hanks. You can find the video in our video archive, as well as a new featurette for the movie, called "The Great Escape".


We've also added 35 new photos of the filming of Larry Crowne to the gallery.


In the previous update, we added to our videos the making of Beyond All Boundaries, a documentary produced and narrated by Tom Hanks, shown exclusively at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. Well, this documentary has just been honored with the 2010 Gold MUSE Award, which recognizes excellence in media produced by or for museums.