Videos : Close-Up and Conan O'Brien

December 07, 2010

We've added two videos to our archives. The first one is a documentary about Tom Hanks and according to some of the stories told, it looks like it was done in 2009. It features extracts from press junkets and red carpet interviews of Tom Hanks and his co-stars, such as Elizabeth Perkins or Mykelti Williamson, as well as extract from various award speeches. You can even see and hear Tom Hanks rap…

We apologize for the little problem of image but there was nothing we could do to fix it. Also the video is subtitled in Dutch, which can be useful for the fans from the Netherlands.


The second video is Tom Hanks's appearance on The Late Night with Conan O'Brien, in December 2000. He was there to promote the release of Cast Away but obviously did more than just promoting his movie… Recently, Tom Hanks was splashed with water and hit by an asteroid on Conan's show. Well, back in 2000 Conan had dropped fake snow all over Tom Hanks. You can also hear Tom Hanks sing a Christmas song with Conan!