Today's release : Nothing in Common on DVD

December 07, 2010

The movie Nothing in Common is re-released on DVD today in the United States by Imagine Entertainment. The 1986 movie was directed by Gary Marshall and starred Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason, Sela Ward Eva Marie Saint among others.

David Basner is a successful advertising executive who has it all: Money, happiness, and women who want him. Then one day his world falls apart when his mother leaves his father. Now, he must balance his life between his mother, who is happy with her newfound independence, and his father, a recently laid off salesman who is hard-headed, stubborn, and hides a lot from David. Now David must cope with the downfall of his family and his life.


The film is considered by some to be the pivotal role in Tom Hanks's career because it marked his transition from less developed comedic roles to becoming a leading actor in more serious films. Moreover, the movie had a lot in common with Tom Hanks’s real experience, as Tom Hanks explained during his interview on the Inside The Actor's Studio in 1999 :

“When the time came to show the movie to my dad I said 'Listen p'pa, you're all over this thing so just bear that in mind in the scenes where I might be talking to Jacky Gleason but there's a number of lines that I'm actually saying straight at you'.”

You can find more details about the DVD itself on the official website of Imagine Entertainment.