Viola Davis & Jeffrey Wright to star in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

January 21, 2011

Earlier this year we announced that John Goodman and Thomas Horn (who plays the 9-year old boy) had joined the cast of Stephen Daldry's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Two more names have been announced : Viola Davis (Doubt, State of Play, City of Angels…) and Jeffrey Wright (Syriana, W, Quantum of Solace, Casino Rotyale…) are the latest to join an already talented cast.

Filming should start any time now in New York City since the studio (Warner Bros and Paramount) hopes for a fall release in order to coincide with the 10th Anniversary of September 11th.
Indeed, the movie tells the story of Oskar Schell, a precocious 9-year-old boy who finds a key in a vase that belongs to his father (who died in the North Tower in the September 11 terrorist attacks) and searches to find the lock that goes with it.