Tom Hanks is officially on Facebook !

January 31, 2011

Tom Hanks just posted a video via WhoSays to prove that he's now officially on Facebook. An account had been opened in June 2009 but so far only a few photos had been posted. Now it seems like Tom Hanks is gonna be a little more active on this social network. Let's see what will be posted here...

Tom Hanks is now officially on the four major social websites : MySpace, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. You can find the links to these pages right here.


Jamie82, January 31, 2011

Awesome. I wanna be his friend. Lol

Aleksandra, February 03, 2011

Mr Hanks was great and charming as a BIG. He become BIGGER. See you on Face... Regards from Serbia!

Smiling Blues, April 08, 2011

I like Tom Hanks and his movies a lot. He's really great, having talent and a good sense of humor. I'd like very much to become a friend to Tom Hanks.

Randy E.Black, February 01, 2012

"Experience is but a dim bulb which shines on those who bear it." Chinese proverb. Clearly you are the exception too dim. Bonn voyage! Keep the wind to your back. From a Mariner.