New video archive : grand opening

February 07, 2011

With over 400 videos, the archive of Tom Hanks Online is most certainly your first and biggest source for video materials about Tom Hanks. Over the years we aimed at gathering as much videos as possible : talk show appearances, award ceremonies, documentaries, making-ofs, movie premieres and much more.

The old video archive only allowed you to download the files and they were all in different formats. We've worked hard the last few months to create a brand new video archive, easier and more pleasant to browse (through).

Here's what's new and different:
  • You can now choose between watching the videos directly on the website or downloading them… you can also do both!
  • You can search the videos thanks to the search tool which looks for keywords in the title and description of the videos.
  • Tags have been added to the videos.
  • There are a few more categories, such as extracts, filming or press conferences.
  • In each category, you can sort the videos by title, date, upload date and most viewed.
  • You can now share the videos on Facebook and Twitter thanks to two buttons on the page of every video.
  • You can now comment the videos. Feel free to give your opinion about a talk show appearance or an interview, for example.
  • Related videos are available on the page of each video. Be careful though, you may be tempted to watch them all !
  • You can now watch the videos directly on your iPhone, iPad and other smartphones.
  • For a better viewing we recommend that you use Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 which have a HTML5 compatibility. Other browsers remain compatible but will use Flash. 

Some of the videos were not in the old archive, but all in all the content is the same as before. Improvements will be made for the videos themselves and the search tool (more detailed description for each video for example).

Since we could not check every single video present in the archive, please let us know if you encounter any problem with one of them. We will make sure to fix the issue as soon as we learn about it.

Finally, take into account that it took us an enormous amount of time to gather all these videos. We would really appreciate you not posting the videos somewhere without asking first and if given permission, please credit us. Thank you.

Access the archive

The audio clips also changed a little. Just like the videos, you can now either download the audio clips to have them on your computer or you can listen to the interviews directly on the site. A description is also provided for each of them. 


Jim Corbett, March 16, 2011

Tom: I have watched with great emotion your movie "The Green Mile." It to me, is a cinematic masterpiece, by far your best movie, and one of the best of all time. I have it at home, and every once in a while I like to watch it, and I'm moved deeply each time I watch it. The supporting cast are nothing short of brilliant. Thank you very much for such a masterful piece of cinema!! Jim.