Peter Farrelly would love to work with Tom Hanks

February 22, 2011

In an exclusive interview given to, brother directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly were asked what actors they would like to do a comedy with. Here's what they answered.

Are there any actors that you want to do a comedy with, but haven’t been able to work with yet?

Peter : The guy we’ve never worked with that is pissing me off is Tom Hanks. I want to work with Tom Hanks more than anyone.

Bobby : Are you pissed at Tom, or are you just pissed that we haven’t worked with him?

Peter : Both. It’s a combination. I’m angry with him. No, I’m not angry with him. But, that’s the guy. To me, Tom Hanks is king. I’d love to work with Tom Hanks.

Bobby : You always forget that Tom Hanks came from the world of comedy. He was the funniest guy going, and he was doing pratfalls and all that kind of stuff. Now, he doesn’t do it so much.

Peter : We would have worked with Tom Hanks a long time ago, if he wasn’t so talented. Because he can do anything, he’s got so many things to do. He’s got dramas and he’s got historical things. If he’s up for a comedy, he’ll do it. I think he’s the funniest guy out there. If he did a flat-out comedy again, it would be a ball. We just love the guy. He’s the one guy who we haven’t worked with. There’s a lot of guys we like. I love Will Ferrell. We’ve never worked with Will Ferrell. But, there’s no one like Tom.