Tom Hanks & Tim Allen could team up again

March 03, 2011

After working together on the three Toy Story movies, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen could team up again for a Disney movie, Jungle Cruise. Disney wants to turn venerable attractions at its theme parks into movies, and Jungle Cruise is one of them. The Disney attraction, which first opened in 1955, simulates a dramatic riverboat cruise featuring king cobras, lions angry rhinoceros and fierce spear-wielding natives.

So far we only know that Tim Allen would play the cruise captain and Tom Hanks would star as a family man on holiday aboard the vessel.

Disney tantalizingly promised that the movie will feature aspects that will make it more than a straight-up adventure. The live-action film will be written by Roger Schulman, whose previous credits include Shrek and produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, the team behind the award-winning The Fighter.