Larry Crowne : screencaps & quote

March 18, 2011

We've added 63 screencaptures of the trailer of Tom Hanks's upcoming movie, Larry Crowne. You can see them in the gallery.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Talia in Larry Crowne. She was asked by The Press Association about her experience working in a movie with Tom Hanks. She admitted she was a little star-struck at first, also saying that this is "a really lovely film" :

"Obviously - it's Tom Hanks, you know! But he was directing the film as well so he was very hands on and he was wonderful to work with and very generous and creative. He'd written the project as well so it was quite impressive the amount of work he was doing. And he was so much fun and playful as well. He's great to work with. It was a terrific experience. Really, really exciting."

You can find her quote in our section dedicated to what co-stars, directors and other people say about Tom Hanks.