Tom Hanks on 30 Rock : video

April 22, 2011

Last night aired the 100th episode of the TV show 30 Rock starring Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. Tom Hanks guest starred in that episode in a short scene.
Tom Hanks appeared as the leader of the A-list Actors as he called George Clooney using the red emergency phone with an “actor emergency.” Tracy Jordan was doing TV again, and just like Jack predicted, it wasn’t going to be good. “Take him off the official A-list…I don’t have the password…[Brad] Pitt’s our webmaster…Well then wake him up!”
Tom Hanks was knitting and singing Billy Joel's "My Life", the song used in the opening titles of Bosom Buddies
You can watch, download and comment the video in our archive.


Breia Brissey from Entertainment Weekly called it "perfection" saying that it was perhaps one of his favorite 30 Rock moments of all time and the scene was voted number 2 in the Top Moments of the Week on TV Guide.

Tina Fey appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last week and she explained how she had asked Tom hanks to appear on 30 Rock.
She was filming at Central Park, and saw that Tom Hanks was shooting nearby. She then recruited the help of "Radioman" -- a former homeless man and New York City staple (famous for wearing a radio around his neck) who has actually appeared on her show a number of times. She asked Radioman to go carry a message to Tom Hanks about Fey's interest in having him on the show, and the next day his management sent over an email to discuss matters.