Larry Crowne : French trailer with new images

June 06, 2011

The French trailer for Larry Crowne has been released and even though you don't understand a thing of what is said in it, check it out because there are loads of new scenes in it, including one with Tom Hanks's wife, Rita Wilson !
You can watch, comment and download the HD video in our archive.


I can't stand the French voice anymore (even though I'm used to it)… here's a translation of new lines that you can find that in that trailer :

Larry Crowne :  I thought I was Employee of the Month.

Bank employee : You are unemployed and your house is worth less than everything you still owe us.

Man at college : This course will change your life, and you're gonna love the teacher !

Tania : She's terrifying.

Mercedes Tainot : I can't believe it ! He's sharing donuts with a lolita. I bet that's why he went to college.

Mercedes Tainot : If you only speak to one member of the audience, this person could misunderstand your point.

Tania : Look what I got.

Dell Gordo : I can see you. It's a window, I can see through a window.

Mercedes Tainot : This is so slow a cat could knock us over while crossing the street.

We've also made 50 screencaps of the trailer that you can find in the gallery.