Larry Crowne : more videos & stills

June 16, 2011

July 1st is getting closer so more videos and photos about Larry Crowne are revealed every day.

First of all, we've added a video from Razor TV about the press conference Tom Hanks gave while in he was in Singapore. There's also a new TV spot called "All About Larry", as well as a featurette called A Look Inside featuring new images and interviews of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Click on each thumbnail to access the video directly.


The official website of the movie has changed a bit. There's more things on it and there are still new stuff to be added later. So far, we've added to the archive two short clips of the movie that we found on the website. Again, you can click on each thumbnail to access the video directly.


There are also two more photos of the movie that we've added to the gallery. There are also from the official website.